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Monday, November 23, 2009

Railway Eye - the railway blog: Waverail promises the return of the slip-coach?

Railway Eye, a British railway site, recently included Waverail. It raised three casual questions pertaining mainly to in-car walking.

The Waverail team comments:

With Waverail it is generally not possible to do one station only. See video below. Exactly what is possible when, is shown in the Parramattalink pages and in FAQ. Particular cases have to be referred to our specialised Waverail calculation program.


For walking Waverail passenger it is normally not recommended to read while travelling. iPod seems ok. But it is also ok to just sit in Waverail and indeed this is what is recommended for the elderly or frail. Such passengers travel somewhat slower because they have stops every so often. See the various charts and figures as well as the video below.


Walking up the car is in fact always the lesser problem, requires less walking speed (see graph above) and only fairly exotic systems at capacity fill are expected cause any sort of problem.

Links: A British reaction to Waverail

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